Let's Deal Different

A deals site with a difference

Let's Deal Different is a deals site that offers goods and services at discounted prices. The client required a more high end feel then the typical deals site. A brand needed to be developed accordingly as well as an e-commerce site including a separate merchant login area.

  • Client: ipag
  • Role: Branding, Website Design
  • Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator
  • Credits: Created at Path

White space and delicate lines are utilised throughout the site to create an elegant, pleasant experience for the user.

An initial identity (using a previous brand incarnation) was developed as well as a subtle, soothing colour palette.

A set of elements was created to be used across the site, including a typographic hierarchy. Futura was chosen as the font for it's friendly yet classy personality.

Buttons, a navigation system and image treatment were all considered at this stage.

A key consideration of the site was the checkout process. It was imperative that this section was extremely user friendly across all devices, particularly mobile. Extensive consumer behaviour and checkout best practice research was undertaken to devise a logical, intuitive process.

A management system was developed for use by merchants. Remaining consistent with the overall main branding, merchants have the ability to adding new deals, manage orders and generate reports.

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