The Station

Branding, marketing & website design for 12 storey condo development

CleverCards is a greeting card app that allows you to create and send printed, personalized cards from your mobile. CleverBug, the company behind the app, were launching the concept in the USA and needed a site that was slick, professional yet retained the warmness of the CleverCards philosophy.

  • Client: Brandy Lane Homes
  • Role: Branding, website & mobile site design, marketing materials
  • Tools: Photoshop, illustrator

The letters D and W form the identity for the band. Strong, bold colours create a kaleidoscope effect. Century Gothic was chosen as the font due to it's strong, timeless qualitites and easy legibility.

A custom pattern motif was created to be used across the Deaf Weekend site and marketing materials.

Strong colours are used across the site to reflect the band's youthful personality and bold sound. The homepage is constantly updating with new social media stories from the girls and CSS3 animations are employed across the site to add an extra level of interactivity.

The about page offers a detailed insight into the members of the band and their interests.

The site was designed, and built using the Twitter Bootstrap frameword to be fully responsive, ensuring easy access to the Deaf Weekend fan base.

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