About Deaf Weekend

We are Deaf Weekend! Anna, Lara and Alison – three girls from Cork, Ireland who met in school, and somehow ended up in a band together around May 2012. Since then, we do what we love, which is write music together. We have released three singles so far and are in the process of working on our debut album. Watch this space, we are super excited!

Anna – Bass, Keyboard

Hiya, I'm Anna! Since I was young, I've always been interested in music. My amazing older siblings listened to a range of music, everything from Smashing Pumpkins to Nina Simone to Girls Aloud so I've been exposed to a lot of different styles of music! I'm a trained percussionist and have taught myself to play the piano and bass guitar. A few of my favourite things? Justin Bieber, my dog Ruby and shooting hoops!

We are continually growing and developing our style and abilities and hope to continue to tour and get loads more music out over the next few months.

Lara – Drums

What's up?! I'm Lara! I play the drums for Deaf Weekend. It's something I've always been interested in and I'm totally stoked to get the chance to potentially do this for a living! Since getting together we have gotten super awesome amazingly good so we have. Love my friendies Annser and AliAli.

Enjoy the music lads and keep coming to our gigs! They're always mighty craic biys!

Alison – Vocals, guitar

Hey guys, I'm Alison! Born and bred in Cork, my whole family are seriously into music. I got my first guitar at the age of seven and have been playing non-stop ever since! I'm a huge fan of indie music and go to as many gigs as possible for inspiration. My favourite bands at the moment are Walking on Cars and the 1975. I sing the lead vocals in the band and really hope you all enjoy our stuff.

We would like to thank our photographer Brian Dunlea for all his help and awesome documenting of Deaf Weekend. A special thanks also to T and Helly McCarthy for letting us hold so many practice sessions in their gaff. Sound lads!